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AI Engineer Job Mentoring Programme

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Duration5+ months

The AI Engineer Job Placement Programme is an end-to-end career development plan to help potential delegates to develop in-demand competencies in AI engineering and get a highly rewarding job in this field.

This programme is an intensive programme for individuals looking to build on existing Data Science skills and develop a production “mindset” to deliver full scale AI applications and solutions. From identifying the key business/organisational needs for AI through mapping the correct AI solutions to the underlying business case, our programme trains delegates to successfully deliver AI projects from orchestration and data consumption through containerization and CI/CD. You will be fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience required to get a decent role paying an attractive salary upon completion of the programme*. Our continuous mentoring and dedicated recruitment consultancy will give you the maximum leverage to aim for your best career achievement.

* The job offer and salary vary and depend on each delegate’s education background, previous experience, abilities and progress in the training programme.

Alumni Success

Pairview is an excellent place to start your career if you dream of an Analytics profession. Firstly, you must believe you can make it. Secondly, utilize all the support provided. And thirdly, ensure you complete all the projects. Pairview trainers are very knowledgeable and patient when explaining things over. Thanks to Pairview’s continuous support, I got my current job.

Jonas Nachis

Great company with thorough professionals that will ensure the process you are taken through is seamless as they will work around the clock to cater to your needs. Highly recommend Pairview for those wishing to make a career change or enter the world of Analytics.


The trainers were very helpful in ensuring the essentials of the modules were well understood and were always there to provide guidance and a helping hand whenever necessary. Prior to my Pairview programme, I wasn’t able to land a job, but after completing it, I generated a lot of interests and received multiple offers. I would recommend Pairview to everyone.


The course delivery was very well-paced, and there were loads of practical examples which helped drive in the knowledge and provided a solid foundation. Really pleased with the service I received, and I will definitely recommend Pairview. I have many colleagues who also trained here and are doing very well in Data and MI analytics.

Ani Madu

Management Information Analyst

You’ll never get it wrong when you make the right choice of choosing Pairview programmes for individual and corporate training needs. They are fantastic and supportive, and they know the market, which makes them think ahead. I enjoyed their supportive training, real-time projects, and extra development and have remained a high-flyer.

David Mba

Analytics Specialist

What You Will Benefit From

Our expert knowledge and job-focused approach sets us apart in our quest to offer excellent services to our delegates and deliver on their career development goals.

Get Real Employable Skills
Our job-focused courses and quality curriculum is designed and taught by industry experts and highly experienced professionals, not academics, so you learn the high-impact skills that top companies want.
Gain Indispensable Experience
Undertake real-world projects and work on the most popular problems faced by businesses across industry sectors. Learn by doing leads to real skills mastery and business acumen competency.
Maximise Job Opportunities and Salary
Market yourself effectively thanks to our bespoke CV surgery. Perfect your interview and communication skills through our recruitment prep. Gain access to the best job opportunities within our extensive recruitment network.
Amazing Jobs and Career Progression
98%+ of our delegates got fantastic jobs or progressed their career upon completion of their programmes. Invest in your career with the confidence that you will get an attractive job at the end.
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