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  Thursday, 18th of July 2019
12:00PM – 01:00PM

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About This Webinar

In today’s world, data is produced at an unprecedented scale (which is referred to as ‘Big Data’); and the powerful insights held within this data offer the answers for businesses to grow customer base, optimise operation, drive innovation and make smarter decisions. Analytics practitioners play a pivotal role in bringing data to life to deliver valuable insights and actionable recommendations that will help drive the performance of all areas of a business.

This Global Webinar will give you an exciting insight into the role of a Data Scientist or Big Data Expert. See first hand how the fundamental data tools are used to solve key business problems. Discover the powerful, transformational value of Big Data Insight to businesses.

If you are interested in getting a practical introduction to the industry, including what you can expect from your team being empowered with the new skills-set or expect for your new career opportunities with this sought-after capability, this Introductory Webinar is the perfect place to start. Taken by our Chief Data Officer, learn from an expert and find your place in the Big Data and Data Science Industry.

What You Will Learn?

  • Methodological knowledge of Analytics and its power in using data to answer complex questions
  • The influence of Analytics to different aspects of an organisation’s strategic decision process
  • The powerful, transformational value of Big Data Analytics to businesses and organisations
  • Fundamental knowledge, tools and techniques in the Analytics skills ladders. Big Data evolution and implications.
  • Insight into the Analytics market place and planning your professional development
  • Pairview as a trusted partners in helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals.

Benefits to Participants

Webinar Agenda

  1. What is Analytics?
  2. Types and Scope of Analytics
  3. Translating Business Questions into Analytics Development Processes. Typical Use Cases.
  4. Relational Database Management and Big Data Discovery
  5. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  6. Data Reporting and Visualisation
  7. Customer Analytics, Profiling and Insight Generation
  8. Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
  9. Evolution of Big Data: Trends and Implications
  10. Analytics Skills Ladders – What You Can Expect from Your Team’s and Your Enhanced Capabilities?

Meet The Presenter

Frank Abu
Chief Data Officer

The owner and CEO of Pairview, Frank has over 15 years experience in Industry, with 12 years working in the Banking and Insurance industry and over 3 years in a Senior Level Client Services Management in Consultancy Software. Frank is a certified Oracle Database Administrator and IBM Certified Analytics professional. With a BSC in Pure and Applied Mathematics and MSc in IT Management from Coventry University in the UK, Frank is a well-respected industry thought leader in Mathematical Modelling, Advanced Analytics Sciences, and Big Data. He is a passionate public speaker in the UK, Europe and America, speaking in major Analytics conferences for IBM, Data Governance Forum and Pairview Nationwide Data Science Conferences.

Register Your Participation in the Webinar!

Pairview have been successfully training and placing candidates into the industry since 2009 and are an official partner of Microsoft, IBM and SAS. Our trainers come from within industry and have supported hundreds of people to develop their careers as Big Data and Business Analytics professionals with the largest, most well-known organisations in the UK.