Transforming careers is what we do at Pairview.

In the last 9+ years, Pairview have helped people get into well-paying jobs, earning £30-£120K per annum. Transforming careers is what we do at Pairview. We have a team of consultants whose passion and determination in life is to see you succeed and build a real future for you and your family. 9 out of 10 people we have trained have got themselves well-paying jobs or actively attending interviews with big name brands.

For what we do, no other training company comes close. Getting you into great jobs is our only ambition as a business. We provide the training, build your CV, interview prep, and mentor you, giving you a hand-holding work experience until you get a job.

In all walks of life, you know your are doing well when someone takes their time to say “Thank You”. Please take a couple of minutes to read some of our testimonials.

“Pairview went the extra mile and were dedicated to ensure we come out of the training fully prepared for any Data Analyst Role. I have since secured my first role 2 months after my training. Pairview’s trainers are highly competent and this made the training session interesting”

“Pairview HC gave me the opportunity to tap into functional area where demand for analysts exceeds their availability. I have since branched out from Retail Analysis to a more technical Pricing Analysis in Insurance. Thanks to the excellent besopke training provided by Pairview HC”

“My Training with Pairview has shaped my career in data analysis. I now work as a senior analyst for one of UK’s major Insurance provider. Pairview career program developed my skills in Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics. Since completing my programme, I have worked with different companies across industries ranging from utility, financial services and telecoms. I always recommend Pairview to friends and family.”

“I really enjoyed the course, and I’m looking forward to the next one in my programme. Paul is SO patient and clear with his explanations and analogies. I completed the pre-course assignment which was a brilliant preparation for what came after – thanks for that, it really helped. His insight about the tools that are most often used in the industry was extremely valuable and I appreciate him passing on the knowledge.”


“I have fully enjoyed the Tableau module. I would like to thank Mr Toriola for another great teaching experience. I always enjoy his classes as not only he has the technical capability and knowledge, but he is also a good teacher in human relational terms of knowing and emphasizing with students needs. He even tried for a long time during class to help a student that could not connect online, despite the student not having the proper software installed. All in all, I fully enjoy the Pairview experience and I would like to thank Mr Toriola for his effort, for sincerely transforming my life furthermore.”


“Enjoyed the course. The teacher was very good and knowledgeable about Machine Learning and the best algorithms to use right now.”


“I would like to thank Mr. Ubong for training me these days. He made me understand and learn how to write queries in SQL. Mr. Ubong is very knowledgeable and approachable with any questions or unclear areas of learning.  I am very grateful for his effort and for helping me learn valuable information.”


“The training session was designed in a good manner and the course venue is very good. The course tutor Toriola Coker is a knowledgeable person in Excel and happy to offer his advice, support, and co-operation during the session. I must thank him personally for guiding us all with so much patience. He built my confidence levels and sure this is going to make a big difference in my future tasks. I highly recommend this course to all who wishes to peruse their career in Excel related programming.”

Vihaan, London
“Three benefits of the Job offer Guarantee Programme; skills, support, job guarantee. And they keep their word on all parts. One obstacle for me was finding time to put into the training and programme; if you’re going to do this, be prepared to work hard because the team will do their part – you also need to do yours. When I made up my mind to buckle down, I found the programme to be but true to what they offer.”
Ryan, Croydon

“As a single mum, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to afford the programme or fit the training around my schedule. However, Pairview provided me with a personalised payment plan with affordable monthly payments. They also managed to schedule the classes to suit my busy lifestyle. I am now working as an Insight Risk Analyst for a top finance company. Pairview have helped me change my life and I couldn’t be more grateful”

Anastasiya, Manchester

“The trainer was very professional, knowledgable and patient. I thoroughly enjoyed his class”

Gabriella, Maidenhead

“I have completed various courses in the IT field, however I have always struggled to find a good job. When I came across Pairview it was their work experience projects that attracted me to the programmes. Pairview not only gave me the valuable work experience and skills employers are looking for, but also ensured my CV was appropriate for the roles I was applying to and prepared me for interviews. I landed my dream job shortly after finishing my programme”

“After completing my programme with Pairview, I was shortlisted for an IT systems developer job interview, I then had an interview prep with Pairview consultants. To my amazement, I got the job”

“I found the trainers really approachable and they were always there to answer any queries. Also, the assignments after each module meant I could be sure I had remembered everything from the classes.”

Priyanka, London
“Pairview training changed my life and gave my family something to hold on to. After years of working late shift in low wages, Pairview was our breakthrough. I now have a stable income and a career I really enjoy”.
Fehintola, RBS, Edinburgh
“After my Masters Programme, I could not get a job, I attended ‘Smart-Life Seminar’ and I was exposed to information I wish I had gotten long ago. I had the opportunity to talk face to face with the consultants who now work with me to achieve my career goals”.
Dammy, Reading
“When I first heard of how quickly people get jobs after taking Pairview training, I thought it was too good to be true, but I took the step to enrol on the Predictive Modelling Package – Within a month after my program, I got my first ever interview. I couldn’t believe it. But I got the job with NHS. It was my first interview after Uni”. Today I work as a senior BI analyst in Portsmouth – Big Thank you to Pairview for showing me the way out of menial jobs”.

“Pairview gave me the training and exposure to projects such as marketing campaigns, predictive modelling for clients and data management projects that meant I was productive at GSM from day one”

Matthew, London

“Lectures were interesting and interactive. Very satisfied and happy about the service”

Lui, London

“Some great information which opened my eyes to what I should expect on the course. The practical hints given on what is required to stand out were really helpful!”

Valerie, London

“A very good course that brought better clarity to the various modules taken during the programme. The trainer was able to show and explain how the different courses apply to real life scenarios and how they can be used to solve relevant business problems. Overall, excellent!”

Adegoke, Southampton
“I never thought it was possible and easy, I had BSc, MSc and Prince2, but the job never came. But I am grateful to Pairview, I now work for NHS earning 35K+”.
“After my graduation from the University I was not sure what career path to take.My CV was on most job sites without interviews. Pairview gave me a roadmap that turned me into an Analyst. After my training, with a CV, I got great inteviews and soon started fantastics jobs in business analytics”.
Sam, London
“Even though I didn’t get a job immediately due to errors largely on my part, I endorse Pairview Training Services. I tried the programme out of interest in data and I was exposed to a lot more than I thought I’d get. Good value for money and I moved quickly from low wage to high earnings. Very satisfying.”
Chloe, Manchester