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The Express Lane to The Best Job of The 21st Century

Invest in your career with the peace of mind that you will get an attractive job at the end. Join the Job Placement Programme and you will be fully equipped and leveraged to achieve a promising, highly paid role in Business Analytics within a few months of completing your programme.

Pairview provides not only expert training in the most in-demand job-specific skills but also indispensable experience in the sector.

BI Analytics Job Placement Programme – Salary prospect in the range of £28,000 – £35,000

Insight Analytics Job Placement Programme – Salary prospect in the range of £28,000 – £40,000

Data Science Job Placement Programme – Salary prospect in the range of £28,000 – £45,000

Enterprise Business Intelligence Job Placement Programme – Salary prospect in the range of £28,000 – £40,000

Big Data Engineering Job Placement Programme – Salary prospect in the range of £32,000 – £50,000

Pairview has been successfully training and placing candidates into the industry since 2009 and is backed by partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and SAS.


How Does It Work?

Pairview has worked with recruitment consultants and industry experts across the whole of the UK to provide our delegates with access to the best job opportunities in Big Data and Analytics. We fully equip them and get them ready to achieve their career aims in the shortest possible time.

Our industry experienced trainers and Recruitment Specialists have tutored and coached hundreds of people who have since gone on to get well paid employment as Business Analytics professionals with leading Blue Chip organisations.

We require graduates with at least a 2:2 and who are keen to develop a career in Business Analytics and Big Data.

Our expert career consultants will assess each candidate using a combination of online assessments and a telephone interview to ascertain their suitability to our Job Placement Programme.

Successful candidates will be offered expert training from industry experienced practitioners, hands-on project based work experience, professional certifications, and Premium Recruitment Services with the prospect of an attractive job offer in Business Analytics paying up to £50,000 (depending on your previous work experience, academic qualification and result on Pairview entry assessment).

Our Premium Recruitment Services

Delegates who have been admitted on the Job Placement Programme will benefit fully dedicated application coaching and recruitment support. Marketing yourself effectively to employers is critical so you can get the job you want for the best pay possible.

Your Recruitment Consultant will work with you personally on a one-to-one basis to perfect your CV and will ensure it is a clear and accurate picture of your capabilities, is professionally written and is geared to the needs of the reader. You will also get help to put together an impressive LinkedIn and capability profile to capture interest of most recruiters and bring maximum opportunities of job interviews for your relevant roles.

Your Consultant will help you target the most potential, relevant job opportunities across all available channels for job interviews and provide you with all the necessary interview preparation and techniques to enable you to successfully manage interviews and salary negotiations. Your Consultant will cover responses to those awkward or sensitive questions you may be asked and will work with you to increase your level of personal impact and credibility at referral meetings and interviews through role play and practice. You will learn to project what you have to offer calmly and with confidence.

Pairview Job Placement Programmes

Job Placement Programme in Data Analytics
Job Placement Programme in Insight Analytics
Job Placement Programme in Data Science
Job Placement Programme in Enterprise Business Intelligence
Job Placement Programme in Big Data Engineering

Be successful with Pairview Job Placement Programmes

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