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The Reskilling Program Advantage

We take our proven “Leverage the Insiders” approach to help employees acquire relevant data and analytics skills and develop qualified professionals and specialists in the hardest-to-find skills set and job domains

Program Highlights

Job-focused expert training
Co-created programmes
Pre-assessment ensure the right curriculum
Dedicated enterprise customer success manager

Program Curriculum

    Introduction to Analytics and Data Science
    Developing Queries with Microsoft SQL Server
    Management Information Reporting
    Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI/Tableau
    Introduction to Programming with Python/R
    Statistics and Data Wrangling for Analysis
    Machine Learning with Python/R
    Deep Learning with TensorFlow
    Applied Solution with Natural Language Processing
    Customer Insight Analytics and Implementation
    Data Science Projects relevant to your business scenario

The Pairview Zero-to-Hero Transformation Journey

Your career development journey starts here.

Job-focused, Interactive Training

Acquire real employable skills and competencies for a high-demand job in data, analytics, or IT, mostly required and desired by any employer in the industry. Our courses and quality curriculum are designed and taught by industry experts and highly experienced professionals, not academics, so you learn the high-impact skills that top companies want.

Hands-on Business Practice

Apply your skills in real time through interactive trainer-led practices during the classes, and after-class assignments. As you do so, you are empowered with the problem-solving skills and job market insights needed to capture most new job opportunities in this field or take your career to the next level.

Indispensable Work Experience

Gain work experience by undertaking real-world projects deriving from our consultancy work with global corporate clients. You will work on some of the most popular problems faced by businesses across industry sectors. Learn by doing leads to real skills mastery and business acumen competency.

Professional Certification

Marketing yourself effectively to employers is critical so you can get the job you want for the best pay possible. We will work with you personally on a one-to-one basis to perfect your CV. We will ensure it is a clear and accurate picture of your capabilities, is professionally written, and can capture interest of most recruiters and bring maximum opportunities of job interviews for your relevant roles.

Specialist Recruitment Coaching

Our Recruitment Consultant will help you target the most potential, relevant job opportunities across all available channels for job interviews and provide you with all the necessary interview preparation and techniques to enable you to successfully manage interviews and salary negotiations. The Consultant will cover responses to those awkward or sensitive questions you may be asked and work with you to increase your level of personal impact and credibility at referral meetings and interviews through role play and practice. You will learn to project what you have to offer calmly and with confidence.

Access to Our Extensive Recruitment Network

We help our clients solve skill shortage challenges and provide talent security in the hardest to find skill sets on the market. Gain access to the best job opportunities within our extensive recruitment network and channels.

Valuable Job Reference

Boost your credibility with the new employer thanks to our reference on your project work experience.

On-The-Job Support. We Have Your Back.

Have full confidence of bringing results to your new employer on the probation with our support in the first 3 months.

Terms and conditions apply. Only available to a selection of programmes.

Amazing Jobs and Career Progression. Success Proven.

98%+ of our delegates got fantastic jobs or progressed their career upon completion of their programmes. Invest in your career with the confidence that you will get an attractive job at the end.

Job Offer Guarantee. Or Your Money Back.

Pairview Corporate Talent Scheme guarantees you will be working in an attractive role within data and analytics paying up to £60,000 per annum within months of completing your programme. Or Your Money Back.

Terms and conditions apply. Only available to a selection of programmes.
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