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Enterprise Data Analysis and Decision Intelligence with Python 3

In this introductory course, you will get a foundational understanding of programming. At the end of this course, delegates will be able to write Python programs dealing with a wide range of subject areas and understand how and what programs to write to solve basic to medium-level problems.

What You Will Learn

Program fundamentals

Understand the language components of Python

How to use the correct Python syntax

Understand how to execute Python codes in different environments

How to create classes in Python and use built-in Python class

Understand the concept of object-oriented programming

Skills You will Gain


How it works

2 to 3 days of comprehensive training with post-training playback

4-6 hours per day training on trending course content underpinned by industry best practices

Get real-world experience with the stimulation of actual “lab-based” solutions

Earn a certificate at the end of the course

What Our Alumni are Saying About Job Offer Premium Guarantee

Dominic Dorant

Job Title: Data Wrangler

I have attempted many routes in the past for a prosperous career, however, the breakthrough was yet to come. Starting and completing my programme with Pairview has inevitably changed my life for the better. My job opportunities after completion are great. The trainers were very helpful. The whole experience was truly fulfilling. A massive thanks to Pairview.

Andre Mukendi

Job Title: Data Scientist

The most important aspect was about the mentorship which was provided by experienced and knowledgeable analytics professionals at Pairview. In my Data Science programme, I had opportunities to work on various interesting business problems or use cases from telecommunication, banking, retail and many more sectors. Those gave me valuable work experience and an absolute edge in the job market.


Job Title:

Training with Pairview has been one of the best decisions I have taken. The instructors were very patient and engaging. The training gave me knowledge and skills while the assignments helped me learn how to practise the skills and do my research to further develop those skills.

Efe Umolo

Company: British Airways

Job Title: Data Scientist

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