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Time Series Forecasting and Econometric Modelling for Planning Managers

The 2-day bootcamp provides end-to-end training in econometric modelling, estimation testing of relationships and models for time series data.

What You Will Learn

Basics of econometric theory, terminology, estimation and test principles for time series models and data

Creating and estimating dynamic single-equation and multi-equation models for stationary as well as non-stationary time series data

Interpreting models as well as how they can be used for examining forecasting errors

Estimating and interpreting the difference between long-run and short-run effects

Skills You will Gain

non-stationary time series
econometric modelling
ARMA modelling
VAR modelling
Stationary Concepts
Integrated and cointegrated variables, unit roots, and identification

How it works

2 to 3 days of comprehensive training with post-training playback

4-6 hours per day training on trending course content underpinned by industry best practices

Get real-world experience with the stimulation of actual “lab-based” solutions

Earn a certificate at the end of the course

What Our Alumni are Saying About Job Offer Premium Guarantee

Andre Mukendi

Job Title: Data Scientist

The most important aspect was about the mentorship which was provided by experienced and knowledgeable analytics professionals at Pairview. In my Data Science programme, I had opportunities to work on various interesting business problems or use cases from telecommunication, banking, retail and many more sectors. Those gave me valuable work experience and an absolute edge in the job market.

Daniel Sinha

Job Title: Current Delegate of Data Scientist Job Placement Programme

Machine Learning with Python was a very good training course, but also by far the toughest. I have no suggestions for its further improvement as it was top notch.

Dan Adigun

Job Title: Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

I am glad I took the bold step to join the Pairview programme. Although I had previous knowledge in some analytics tools, the training broadened my capabilities to the world of Analytics. After completing the programme, I secured a role within a short space of time. A big thank you to the Pairview Team who supported me on this journey.

Cleopatra Harry

Company: Network Rail

Job Title: Assets Information Reporting Analyst

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