Simple Steps to Become a Certified Data Scientist in 2022 and Get a 100% Job Guarantee

Step 1: Enrol in a High Impact Training

You will have to enroll in highly intensive data science training that not only equips you with theoretical knowledge but also with real-world problem-solving skills. Think of joining a long-term program where expert instructors hand-hold you throughout the learning path. It is important to understand that free short-term pre-recorded sessions can give you basic knowledge but they will not enable career acceleration.

Step 2: Master Technical and Practical Skills

While it is important to learn fundamental skills such as programming language, statistics, and maths, practical knowledge through group and individual projects is what will make you employable. Work on as many projects as you can to build a solid portfolio of work.

Step 3: Participate in Mock Interview Sessions

Once your work folio is ready, it is important to practice mock interviews and get genuine feedback on your interview performance from industry practitioners. For example, at Pairview we will help you take practice interviews so that you can show problem-solving skills, communicate your project’s real-world application and illustrate your technical aptitude.

Step 4: Work on Your CV

Companies are looking for the best talent, which means your resume is of utmost importance. A polished and well-written resume that succinctly illustrates your strengths and new skills is the key to get that coveted job. Get your CV surgery done by experts so that you can use the relevant keywords and show the impact of your specialty.

Step 5: Get a Job Reference

References are a crucial part of the employment process. Once you have done your training, it is important that you get a solid job reference and network with people who can hook you up with the right employers in the industry for a 100% job placement

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