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Glimpsing The Future? No Code / Low Code…

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HEARD of “NoLo”? We are seeing at Pairview a considerable increase in use of ‘no code’ and ‘low code’, so-called NoLo applications.

These are highly popular apps in digitally-enabled companies across the globe due to their process-driven, user-friendly, “drag-and-drop”-style interfaces.

A traditional software developer is not required to develop such apps. In fact, you could do it, signing up for one of our Pairview courses. You can be trained to make changes and even add new functionality to improve cumbersome business processes.

In Data Science, NoLo apps are a great bridge into machine and deep learning modelling without relying on code. Our B2B and B2C programmes and courses at Pairview today pioneer use of these tools.

There are stand-alone solutions for Data Analysts who thrive on visual presentation, Python training for Data Scientists looking to understand the mechanics of ML/DL at a deeper level – or Data Fabric architectures and automated CI/CD pipelines.

With a market size of $13.8 billion and year-on-year growth rates of 22%, we are expecting the “NoLo” market to grow as employers increasingly demand true Enterprise AI solutions to upskill entire workforces, rather than just a few in-house ‘techies’.

Vendors include IBM Cloud Pak for Data (integrated with Watson Studio), Azure (Machine Learning), Vertex AI (GCP), DataRobot,, Peltarion, Ludwig and KNIME.

You can road test a supervised deep-learning image classification dataset at Google’s free NoLo option here? >

Contact us for more information, or why not try NoLo by signing up to one of our courses designed to help you reskill or upskill for your career:


> (self-paced learning)