Analytics with Advanced Microsoft Excel

In this Microsoft Excel, full course participants will explore Excel activities that go beyond the basic.

Course Duration: 3 days (full-time)

You will learn to…

Create a basic worksheet by entering text, values, and formulas.

Use the three-dimensional aspect of the Excel workbook environment.

Analyse data using a number of tools such as a subtotal report and a pivot table.

Confidently create an array of datasheets and worksheets to fit a range of purposes and outcomes.

About this course

This three-day course will provide delegates with the skills and knowledge needed to develop from a basic user to an advanced user. In this Microsoft Excel, full course participants will explore Excel activities that go beyond the basic. By the end of this intensive three-day programme, delegates will have developed the necessary skill set to automate common tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques to complex data sets as well as create and maintain an array of worksheets and datasheets to suit a range of objectives and outcomes.

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Course Dates and Location

  • This course takes place every month.
  • Main locations: London and Manchester.
  • Please contact us for more details of dates/location.


“The facilitator is very knowledgeable with years of experience, the course delivery was exceptional.”
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Course Content

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  1. Starting to use Microsoft Excel
  2. Selection Techniques
  3. Font Formatting
  4. Manipulating Rows and Columns
  5. Manipulating Cells and Cell Content
  6. Set-up and Printing Issues
  7. Functions and Formulae
  8. Pivot Tables
  9. Input Tables
  10. Charts
  11. Hyperlinks
  12. Macros
  13. Importing Text Files
  14. Linking and Embedding
  15. Sorting and Filtering Data
  16. LOOKUP Functions
  17. Conditional Statements
  18. Data Manipulation Functions
  19. Tracking and Reviewing Changes
  20. Scenarios
  21. DAX Expressions
  22. Introduction to PowerPivot
  23. Introduction to PowerQuery
  24. Introduction to PowerView

People familiar with general computer tools. Experience in basic tools of Excel will be an advantage.

£1,485 per person, ex VAT