Automated Information Reporting with Microsoft Excel VBA

Delegates will be able to write advanced macros to automate work and extend Excel features by programming add-ins and functions.

Course Duration: 4 days (full-time) 

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You will learn to…

Create and edit Macros

Use and understand VBA code

Link and combine spreadsheets and other Office applications

Set up advanced automation features

About this course

The Advanced Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic (VBA) teaches delegates to write advanced macros to automate work and extend Excel features by programming add-ins and functions. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, the programming language for Microsoft Office applications.

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Course Dates and Location

  • This course takes place every month.
  • Main locations: Southampton and London.
  • Please contact us for more details of dates/location.


“The facilitator is very knowledgeable with years of experience, the course delivery was exceptional.”
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Course Content

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  1. Visual Basic Editor
  2. Objects, Methods, Properties
  3. Programming Tools
  4. The Menu Bar
  5. Running Code
  6. Run mode and Design mode
  7. Running Code from the development environment & the host application
  8. The Project Explorer
  9. Using the Project Explorer
  10. The Properties Window
  11. Changing a Property
  12. Using Constants
  13. Excel & Variable Constants
  14. Excel Objects
  15. Objects, Properties and Methods
  16. Getting & Setting Properties
  17. Calling Methods
  18. Passing Arguments
  19. Singular Objects & Collections of Objects
  20. Variables
  21. Dimensioning a variable
  22. Using variables in routines
  23. Object Variables
  24. Using Visual Basic Functions
  25. InputBox Function
  26. MsgBox Function
  27. Using a Set Statement
  28. Building Formula Control Structures
  29. If…Then Decision Structures
  30. Logical Operators
  31. Select Case Decision Structures
  32. Case Else
  33. Comparison Operators with Select Case Structure
  34. For… Loops & Do Loops
  35. While…Wend Statement
  36. UserForms
  37. Designing & Creating Forms
  38. Working with Controls
  39. Creating Custom Dialog Boxes
  40. Userform Properties Methods & Events
  41. Event Handling
  42. VBA Editing & Debugging
  43. Auto Macros
  44. Error Handling
This course is best suited to system administrators and IT managers who have prior Linux experience. Prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop is not required to enrol.

£1.980.oo per person, ex VAT

£1.683.oo per person, ex VAT